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"We offer best service with affordable pricing, when you make a purchase with us we guarantee you the satisfaction, check our below lowest rates"

For Bulk Messaging we have 4 routes and pricing is based on the routes, here you can compare the difference between 4 routes and based on your requirements you can chose which route is suitable for you

SMS Route & Difference at Glance

  Normal Priority Marketing Transactional
Delivery Timings 0 -15 minutes Within 5 seconds 0 – 4 hours Within 5 seconds
DND Filtering Yes Yes Yes No
DND Re-Credit Yes Yes Yes No
Sender ID No No No Yes (6 Characters)
API Access Yes Yes No Yes
Pricing Normal Little High Low Average

Message - 1 Credit = 160 Characters

Marketing & Transactional Route Pricing

Quantity Per Price Total Price Validity
10000 0.20 2000 1 Year
25000 0.20 5000 1 Year
50000 0.20 10000 1 Year
1 Lakh 0.20 20000 1 Year

Please note for allocating transactional gateway we have certain terms and conditions, no marketing contents are strictly allowed, for more details please contact us

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Phone: (+91) 8220449933/11